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20-minute-lunchAnyone who’s worked in education knows about the “20-minute lunch.” It’s the sliver of time allotted to teachers to inhale their food before class resumes. However, that limited window of time — similar to the limited time educators have with students — can be a powerful opportunity.

Growing future adults is a monumental task. For those beginning their journey — either as a teacher, an administrator or a parent — the information, advice, trends and data can be completely overwhelming. What’s really important? How can you turn one moment into a pivotal one?

Jeff Davis knows the power one influencer can have. It was an educator — a coach — who first inspired him to overcome challenging circumstances (the death of his father while he was in high school).

Now, after 14 years as a teacher and an administrator in high school and middle school settings, “Mr. Davis” offers his insight into student behavior (including his own two children) and how simple actions can make a world of difference.

A Note from “Mr. Davis”

jeff davis 20 minute lunch

“To teach is to learn twice.” –Joseph Joubert (tweet this)

I got an early start in life — I was born 6 weeks premature. But since then, I’ve been pretty late to the game with everything else. Just ask my mom. College was so fun I had to enroll twice to finish.

After a decade of acting and running a small business in my 20s, I finally found my home in the field of in education in my mid-30s. It was also when I started a family.

I felt like I was learning everything all over again — going to school to get certified, teaching in the classroom, earning my master’s degree in educational leadership, juggling responsibilities at home as a new dad. It was a tough but exciting time of growth and discovery.

After a while, everything began to click, and I discovered my knack for studying people’s personalities paid off in the classroom. And while working in high poverty public schools has had its challenges, it’s the stories of students who have overcome that inspire me to keep doing what I’m doing. Because it’s working.

Nearly 14 years and four schools later (middle and high), the insights I’ve gained into student behavior (and successes and failures) have helped me become a better administrator, educator and parent. Not every day is a win, but every day is worth it.

Join me on this new adventure with “20-Minute Lunch,” and let’s learn together.

-Jeff Davis


Assistant Principal: Metro Nashville Public Schools (2012-present)
Assistant Principal / Dean / Teacher: Orange County Public Schools (2002-2012)


Honorably Discharged Veteran: United States Air Force
Star of Life Award (2015): Tennessee Emergency Medical Services for Children (TN EMSC)


Nova Southeastern University: Master of Science (M.S.), Educational Leadership and Administration, General
University of Central Florida: Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Political Science and Government

Photos of Jeff are by Lauren Napier Photography.

jeff davis 20 minute lunch

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