Drugstore Deflate (Also Known as the Day I Was Humbled)

Drugstore Deflate (Also Known as the Day I Was Humbled)

I dropped into a local drugstore to pick up some odds and ends when I noticed the young man behind the counter was one of my former students. He was obviously happy to see me. He was nearly vibrating as I approached the counter.

He began very enthusiastically, “I really loved your American Government course you taught.”

I said I was glad he enjoyed it.

He said, “No, I really thought it would be boring, but the way you taught it made it interesting and fun.”

As my head began to swell, I expressed my thanks and appreciation.

He continued, “You know, I think I learned more in that course than any other course in high school.”

My head was now reaching maximum volume and capacity. I wasn’t sure I was going to fit it out of the doors of the store.

He continued, “I have to say, it was my favorite course in my four years of high school.”

~~Cape unfurled~~

I am Superman! I was born to teach!

As we wrapped up our exchange, I said my goodbye.

He gave me a big smile and through his upturned mouth said, “See you later, Mr. Wilson!”

* puzzled smirk from me, head deflating like a balloon shooting across the room*

If you haven’t grasped the punchline, my last name is Davis.

Teaching keeps you humble.

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

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